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The benefits of lifelong learning reach far beyond building your skills, knowledge and capability. You will boost your self-esteem, sense of value and support you reaching your next goals.

Unlock Your Potential

We want you, our members, to feel ready to face anything that the workplace throws at you. We also want to be the friend that gives you that leg-up to do something different or switch careers, with the skills to do so.

Professional training is expensive and our research has told us that a large proportion of our members are not offered learning and development solutions in their current role or have of course retired and thus stepped out of the continuous development process you perhaps had when you were working. Equally, lots of you wish to develop yourself in other areas to improve your employability and overall skill levels for life in general. This is why we developed a 3-way partnership between Maguire Training, Proage and 55/Redefined.

Proage are a charity focussing on improving leadership development of over-55s and we are grateful to them for fully funding the development of these courses so that we can provide our members access to them for free. Maguire Training are one of the UK’s leading professional training providers and are CPD registered so that on completion of one of their courses below, you will receive a CPD compliant certificate.

The benefits of lifelong learning reach far beyond building your skills, knowledge and capability. Lifelong learning boosts your self-esteem, sense of value and provides the motivation you may need to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Data from adult education surveys suggests that participation rates in learning activities tend to fall away from the age of 50. Stop and think about that, and ask yourself why? This is in fact a valuable opportunity because it is clear that those people who are prepared to engage with learning will be the ones to set themselves apart from the crowd and not only expand their capability but also improve their well-being.

Where to start? Well, start small and choose something that you are genuinely interested in. By starting small you will both be able to see the gains you make quite quickly but also reignite your passion for learning and allow it to grow in a way that your lifestyle and career can support.

How about selecting a small number of 20-30 minute online courses from the 55/Redefined members portal in areas such as:

  • Developing Your Leadership Style
  • Unlocking Your Potential
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Making Dynamic Presentations

These are short, fun and informative programmes that will help you to build specific skills and start you thinking about how you can develop yourself even more.

We'll be adding to the available courses on a regular basis, so don't forget to check back regularly.

Click on any of the course titles below to view a specific topic and start your self-development journey today.

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Coaching Using the GROW Model
Coaching Using the GROW Model
The delegate will learn about the GROW model and how to apply this formula to ensure a successful coaching process. 

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Describe the four stages of GROW 
  • Identify key skills used in coaching 
  • Identify the most effective method of questioning 
  • Identify one thing NOT to do when coaching
Decision Making Strategies

The delegate will learn the value of using decision-making tools and concepts effectively.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Explain how to make decisions more quickly
  • Use a variety of creative and logical decision-making tools effectively
  • Understand how other people short-cut their decisions
  • Define how to help others decide more quickly
Developing Your Own Leadership Style
Developing Your Own Leadership Style
The delegate will explore how to shape their own leadership style and develop a distinctive method for them of leading people that ensures maximum results. 

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identify one difference between leading and managing 
  • Describe what "values" are 
  • Describe what vision is 
  • Identify one key step to develop your leadership style
Essential Marketing Skills
Essential Marketing Skills
The delegate will understand the essential skills of marketing and be able to explain the component parts of the marketing mix.

Learning outcomes:
  • Answer the question ‘What is marketing?’ 
  • Describe the ‘traditional’ elements of the Marketing Mix 
  • Explain the ‘newer’ elements of the Marketing Mix 
  • Begin to define a Marketing Strategy
Giving Constructive Feedback

The delegate will learn how to offer feedback in a clear, concise and motivational way.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • State the importance of giving effective, constructive feedback
  • Understand how to tailor feedback to the recipient
  • Recall what AID stands for
  • Be able to give positive and developmental feedback
How to Mentor Effectively
How to Mentor Effectively
The delegate will explore the key elements of excellent mentoring skills. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Describe what mentoring is 
  • Demonstrate the two main styles used in mentoring
  • Define two skills used in mentoring 
  • Name the most important thing to do as a mentor
Influencing Strategies
Influencing Strategies
To help delegates to be able to understand and use different influencing strategies when dealing with people.

Learning outcomes:
  • Explain the difference between influence and power 
  • Describe the key attributes and actions of great influencers 
  • Give examples of how to improve your personal network 
  • Demonstrate use of 7 influencing strategies
Making Dynamic Presentations
Making Dynamic Presentations
The delegate will learn techniques in how to bring presentations to life. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate how to use visuals to enhance your presentation and not to control it 
  • Display how to appear calm, centred and in control when presenting
  • Apply techniques in linking topics convincingly 
  • Show how to add interest to presentations with anecdote, metaphor and humour
Managing Conflict
Managing Conflict
This module will help you understand how to Manage Conflict within a working environment. 

Learning Outcomes
  • The Causes of Conflict
  • Conflict Management Model
  • Tips for Managing Conflict 
  • Owning Your Feelings
Managing Performance

The delegate will learn how to distinguish between good and poor performance and monitor accordingly.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • State the difference between competence and commitment
  • Assess where their team members currently sit on the competency/commitment matrix
  • Identify why performance potential is not reached for 3 typical individual scenarios
  • Recall what the typical performance gaps are
Navigating Change

The delegate will learn how to stimulate powerful change and understand the effect it has on those around them.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Recognise how global conditions have driven the need for extensive change
  • Understand the difficulties associated with change and the impact on your staff
  • Understand the human factors involved in change
  • Name the principles of how to drive the change process with effective solutions
Navigating Past Gatekeepers
Navigating Past Gatekeepers
This module will help you understand how to Navigate Past Gatekeepers.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding Gatekeepers
  • Tools to Help Navigate Past Gatekeepers
  • Using AIDA effectively
  • Tips for Building Rapport With Gatekeepers
Storytelling for Business
Storytelling for Business

Business Storytelling refers to the use of the story structure for the purpose of internal and external communication, collaboration and marketing.

Learning Outcomes:
  • The Universal Appeal of Stories
  • The Power of Stories in Business
  • Preparing a Compelling Narrative
  • Applying Structure for Clarity and Flow
Team Building Within Multi-Disciplinary Teams

The delegate will develop skills and techniques which they can take back into the workplace and use to build a team in a practical fashion, particularly when working with other departments.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the main differences between leading and managing
  • Develop your own individual style through awareness of the 4 different styles
  • Understand Management by Objectives ( MBO )
  • List the 7 ways to influence others and when to use each one when in discussion or negotiation
  • Understand the stages a team passes through to achieve its’ potential
  • Highlight your own team role
The Art of Delegation and Empowerment

The delegate will learn the essentials of exactly when and how to delegate up, down and across the business effectively.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Explain the difference between delegation and dumping
  • Identify when to delegate
  • Explain how to delegate the task and the responsibility
  • State what effective delegation and follow up is
The Power of Persuasion
The Power of Persuasion
The delegate will learn the value of enthusiasm, reasoning and influence to build a powerful and persuasive case in any scenario in order to achieve their objective. 

Learning Outcomes
Demonstrate the value of building enthusiasm into a discussion 
Give examples of persuasive techniques 
Explain Aristotle’s 3 Pillars of rhetoric! 
Apply powerful and persuasive language to any discussion
The Psychology of Negotiation
The Psychology of Negotiation
The delegate will understand more about the mind games that people play in the negotiation process and how to employ strategies to overcome them. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Display how to react and adapt to Parent, Adult, Child responses 
  • Explain how to resist manipulation 
  • Describe the 4 negotiation styles 
  • Name the appropriate responses to negotiation gambits 
Theories of Motivation
Theories of Motivation
The delegate will learn the value of utilising different motivation strategies in various circumstances. 

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Define motivation 
  • Recall the 6 motivation theories 
  • Apply the key principles to their own organisation 
  • State the signs of high motivation
Understanding Different Personality Types

The delegate will learn how to distinguish different personality types and choose the best communication method for each.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Be able to understand the theory of personality types
  • Understand and explain how different personality types will react to situations
  • Describe how to learn to read people
  • Explain how to align and adjust to people
Unlocking Your Potential
Unlocking Your Potential
The delegate will learn to understand themselves better and be able to manage their time, energy and personal effectiveness more successfully. 

Key Learning Outcomes
Set clear and attainable goals 
Understand how to boost your self-belief 
Develop techniques to manage your state 
Implement strategies and take action
Using Different Communication Styles
Using Different Communication Styles
The delegate will explore the way in which people communicate using powerful words that create images, feelings and descriptions of the subject matter. Whether you are in a management role or require some degree of sales or consultative sales training this module will greatly increase your ability to understand how using different styles in different scenarios will prove to be beneficial in any situation. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Explain how to use powerful imagery and metaphor in language 
  • Explain the difference between auditory and visual communication 
  • Identify emotive and kinaesthetic language 
  • State when and how to use different communication methods
Winning New Business

The delegate will discover how to close the deal with confidence and win new business in a tough competitive environment.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Ensure you have a strategic approach to winning new business
  • Develop techniques for making appointments
  • Understand how to conduct yourself in the first meeting
  • Ensure you make the right impression during subsequent meetings
Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership
This module will help you understand Women in Leadership.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understanding Leadership and the Importance of Women in Leadership
  • Understanding Your Personal Impact
  • Understanding and Navigating Bias 
  • How To Manage Your Career and Build a Legacy