Training Solutions

Our research and understanding of over 55’s makes us perfectly placed to assist you with 'off the shelf' and bespoke training solutions to support your team

We can provide online, virtual and classroom-based solutions that best match your needs covering:

  • Induction
  • Industry-switcher training
  • Age unconscious bias training
  • Annual refresher training
  • Soft-skills development

Our partnership with Maguire Training brings together their market-leading approach and experience to developing corporate training solutions and 55/Redefined’s knowledge and insight about our over 55 audience and members.

All outstanding training starts with the outcome in mind. Maguire Training have an intense focus on understanding what your organisation needs and are able to deign and deliver world-class training solutions that have an impact on your people and processes and which will drive organisational success. All programmes are fully CPD certified. Maguire Training are also a registered Apprenticeship Levy Training Provider if you are looking to access Apprenticeship Levy funded programmes for individuals or groups.

Creating a clear link between training and outcomes is achieved through collaboration and understanding – two of the key principles by which the Maguire team are guided when working with you as a client. This is how transformational training for Leaders, Managers and sales teams is achieved. Once they have established what you would like to achieve, their highly experienced coaches, trainers, OD specialists and psychologists will become a part of your organisation for the duration of that project, sharing your objectives as their own and taking full responsibility for achieving them.

When engaging Maguire Training as your learning and development partner you can be completely reassured that you have the experience, expertise and energy to deliver an exceptional learning experience.

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