Psychometric profiling techniques to provide personal and team insights

Understanding yourself and gaining insight over personal traits is an essential part of planning our future lives and careers and aligning to what we are naturally strong at. As such, we wanted to create free access to a personal insight tool and partner with a psychometric organisation that was as passionate about the over-55 challenge at work as us. Step in C-me Not only have they provided our members access to their base insight tool for free, but they are working with us and our employers to develop a suite of assessment solutions which helps companies to assess and develop over-55s.

We are delighted to partner with 55/Redefined, helping their professional, over 55 community secure access to personal insights and hirers and employers, improve the quality of their recruitment assessment and team insights” Simon Wilsher, Executive Chairman, C-me Colour Profiling


Established in 2010, with over 10 years’ experience of training individuals, teams and organisations C-me Colour Profiling noticed something very important – people found it easier to relate to the idea of adapting their behaviour rather than personality. It made sense, behaviours can be more easily modified and to greater effect.

“Understanding ourselves and other people is crucial to effective communication and bringing out the best in one another,” C-me Colour Profiling explain. “This helps individuals, teams and organisations to flourish. C-me is a tool that is accessible, simple and memorable, enabling it to make a dramatic impact on all who use it. No matter what stage of life you're in, there’s always the opportunity to learn more about yourself and appreciate the differences and value that others bring around us. Whether you are transitioning into a different career space or just wondering what is next, C-me is the perfect tool to help with this.”

After completing a short questionnaire, taking less then 10 minutes, C-me Colour Profiling produces personalised reports that give you insight into your behavioural preferences. The reports are easy to understand, action-orientated and help improve performance. As well as the reports we run workshops to help increase team cohesion and individual and team performance plus train companies to utilise this information throughout their organisation.

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