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Second homes, listed properties, classic or sports cars, watch collections, for many over 55, finding a broker who could get the best value and premium cover for anything and everything can be a challenge. We’re committed to bringing you the information and most appropriate experts to help guide you through the process and discover tailored recommendations that are right for you.

  • Mature man polishing a blue classic car

    Insuring Your Classic Car

    From what to consider to what constitutes a classic car, everything you need to know about insuring classic cars.

  • Couple stood on a yacht sailing into the sunset

    Insuring Your Yacht

    Set sail without a care in the world with our guide on how to find the right yacht insurance.

  • Woman holding a cute white dog

    Pet Insurance for Your Family

    How much cover do you need, are you paying too much or not enough, and the right policies to have in place.

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  • Leather watch box holding multiple luxury watches

    High-Value Watch Care

    From the best watches to invest in to how to care for your watch and the different options for insurance.

  • Large Tudor style country house

    Guide to Listed Buildings

    Everything you need to know about living and protecting a listed building.

  • Luxury high-performance silver car in front of a sunset

    Insuring a High-Performance Car

    Everything you need to know about finding the right insurance policy for your high-performance car.

  • Doctor with a stethoscope holding a red heart-shaped ornament

    Personal Health Insurance

    With thousands of policies to choose from, choosing the right policy isn’t as hard as it may first appear.

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